Beer Making

Mangrove Jack’s

Anyone can brew beer and the journey from beginner to expert starts in your very own home!
By brewing your own craft beer, you can pick the styles that you most enjoy; and with our range of innovative, quality products, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Mangrove Jack’s is here to help you brew with confidence, to have fun and to produce great tasting beer in the process. It just requires a little bravery and courage to get started. So, are you ready to discover the craft behind making your own beer?”


Muntons have been manufacturing top-quality kits for over 25 years and their products are sold worldwide and tailored to meet the precise needs of each market. Muntons has been producing malt and malted ingredients for over 80 years. During this time they have grown to become a significant international player in the supply of malts, malt extracts, homebrew kits, flours and flakes to the food and drinks industry.


Renowned British beer and spirits critic Michael Jackson gives the Coopers Brewery four stars and praises their “heartiness and uncompromising honesty”ˇ. The Coopers Brewery has been producing hobby beer making products since 1975 and is the world-wide sales leader in homebrewing products.

Brew Canada

Brew Canada beer kits are expertly developed by a professional Canadian Brewmaster and patterned after Canada’s favourite commercial beers. Made with the finest traditional Canadian brewing ingredients including genuine concentrated brewing worts and fresh varietal hops which produce beers of outstanding quality. Each kit makes 23 litres.


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